28 ANZUK Brigade Hq & Signal Sqn, Singapore.

As the insurgency in Malaya and the "confrontation" between Indonesia and the newly formed Malaysian State tapered off it was obvious that Britain would reduce the numbers of troops stationed here in the Far East. The British Labour Party began talking about cuts in 1966, then, in July 1967, the Labour Government announced substantial reductions.

This decision was not entirely surprising, but what did shock people was the announcement in January 1968 that Britain would withdraw completely by 1971. This immediately posed the familiar question "What will happen when the British go?" The first tentative steps towards finding an answer were taken by Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK at conference in 1968 at which the Malaysian Prime Minister proposed that control and maintenance of the British bases become a joint Five Power responsibility after 1971. Although this suggestion came to nothing the British Conservative Party eventually decided to oppose the Labour policy of withdrawal, and Mr Heath, the British Prime Minister, began talking about a "new and equal partnership, between five Commonwealth governments".

In 1970 an election in Britain returned the Conservative Party to power. This led to an announcement on 16 February 1971 that Australian, New Zealand and British troops would remain in Singapore and Malaysia under an Australian commander of "two star" rank.

So it was in July 1971 that I found my self as part of of the force sent out to form the new 28 ANZUK Bde and remained so until December 1973.

28 ANZUK Bde Hq & Signal Sqn 1972
The Brigade Signal Squadron in 1972. To see a larger version of this photo & names click HERE

Football Team Colin Morfitt Dave "Hobby" Hobson Rod Smith
Terry Peacock?, Dutch Holland & Stan Finlayson John Dunford The NAAFI & Cook House block Dave "Hobby" Hobson
Dennis "Cuddles" O‘Leary Me & Hobby Hobson Me John Dunford (his good side)
Ben Revell (me) Rod Smith Resupply Pete Mallinder
The Char Wallah Bob Elkins Andy Hunt John Davis
Dennis O‘Leary, ?, & Alan Kershaw Alan Kershaw, Martin "Ollie" Holman & ? The Dog Bob Elkins
Stan Finlayson John Davis  ? Mason & Andy Hunt Tony Watson
Stan Finlayson Single men's living quarters Tony Watson & friend Me (Ben Revell)
Cuddles O‘Leary John Davis Ben Revell (me) The Dog
"Rosie" Thorne Don Blacklaw Don Blacklaw Ben Revell (me)
Me John Davis Ben Revell (me) The Dog
Me ME & Ray Martin Andy Wilson Jock Wishart
Smithy Resupply coming in Hoochy Tom Carberry
Hobby Hobson Me & Andy Hunt Rod Smith Geordie ? & Me
Waiting for the Resupply Chopper Resupply coming in Resupply off/on loading Resupply
Resupply Chopper Resupply finished and he‘s off Resupply finished I think this may be Geordie Tulley
Me Slim Maurice Slim Maurice Bob Elkins
Steve Bulpitt Bob Elkins We need the rover a bit closer Bob Bob brings the rover closer
and fails Not quite what we had in mind Bob 1<sup>st</sup> RNZIR
Bob Elkins Tom Foody Don Blacklaw & Hobby Hobman Frank
Don Blacklaw Vic & Mrs Thompson l-r Ray Martin, Colin Morfitt, Andy Wilson, Jeff Poulter, ?, & Rosie Thorne (who seems to have dropped the grenade) l-r ?, ?, Geordie Tulley, Alan Kershaw, ?, ?
Bob Elkins & Paul Harnett Front Left: Jim Paterson & his Wife Sherry
At back right - Me & Hobby Hobman Flo, Rod Smith, a Kiwi, 3 Bar Staff, another Kiwi Flo & the bar staff
Flo, ?, Greg & Lyn, ?, G. Martin Flo Florance Paul Harnett & Flo Florance Mick Hendley, Flo Florance, Hobby Hobman & ?
Another session at the Anchor Paul Harnett Ben Revell & John Davis
Carol Hobby Hobman, Carol, Col Morfitt, Denis O‘Leary, Don Blacklaw Andy Wilson ?, Flo, Don, Taff, Hobby, ?
Ian Webster, trying to look like he knows what he's doing Either Paul Harnett or Jock McGovern ? Lombard & Don Blacklaw
Dave "Hobby" Hobman, Andy Hunt & Don Blacklaw Don Blacklaw, ?, ? Mike Hendley, George Emerson Dave "Hobby" Hobman
Don Blacklaw & Andy Hunt Don Blacklaw, Ben Revell, ? Lombard, Geordie Tully, Bob Elkins & George Emerson Hobby Hobman, Carol, Colin Morfitt & Denis "Cuddles" O‘Leary. Don Blacklaw in foreground Flo Florence
"Gomer" Haycock ?, Gomer, ?, ? Gomer Haycock & ?
Denis "Cuddles" O‘Leary Ian Webster Hobby Hobman & John Davies
John Davies & Andy Hunt Hobby Hobman, John Davies & Denis O‘Leary Denis "Cuddles" O‘Leary Hobby Hobman
Gomer & Jock McGoven Gomer & Jock McGoven
l to r Cpl Jock Grant 1st Black Watch, Andy Hunt, ? from 6 RAR, front ? from 1RNZIR


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